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Live Chat Software

Seamlessly connect customers and agents

Live chat software helps you connect with your customers seamlessly with immediate access to your agents. A live chat window pops up immediately once a visitor is on your website to start the conversation.

Automatically create tickets when the agent is not available

Always stay connected with your customers even when you are not online. Get email delivered to your inbox when a visitor pings a chat and you are not available. Store all your missed conversation in inbox to refer and respond later at your convenience.

Customer support analytics and reporting

Interactive and intuitive reporting to help analyse the data and set up dashboards for quick access of the support metrics. Get instant feedback on your customer support performance by analysing the data about tickets raised and closed. Also, improve performance of the agents by analysing data and plan for new hires based on the trends.

CRM System Software

A CRM software necessarily helps make sense of the data collected from various sources and execute a business transaction ultimately that generates revenue for the organization. It can also give detailed information on customers’ personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

Other Detail: CRM systems are designed to compile information on customers across different channels which could include:

  • company’s website
  • telephone
  • live chat
  • direct mail
  • marketing materials and
  • social media

Ticketing Management System

A ticketing management system is software that allows your business to create and manage support tickets. A support ticket is the process of tracking the updates and details of a problem from the moment it’s reported until the issue is resolved. Each ticket created represents a specific incident and can be assigned to the correct support team or department to quickly resolve your customer’s problems.

Elements that are tracked in a support ticket:

  • Account information
  • Details of the problem
  • Details on the steps taken to fix the problem
  • Current status and next steps
  • Resolution to the problem

Selling Online System

With the increase in technology so Selling online eCommerce increase, where everything is available online, eCommerce is a sector with an unprecedented growth rate. Not only is it expected to grow in the near future, but entrepreneurs are looking forward to making the most out of this opportunity. The people who have been selling offline are still oblivious about the large targeted market they are missing.

Reasons Why You Should Selling Online eCommerce?

  1. You Can Cater to a Bigger Audience

    With your business going online, you can cater to a very large audience that can be situated anywhere in the world (provided you have logistic services adhering to that)

  2. Your Entire Catalogue is on the Display and Updated

    Gone are the days when you had to show each and every product to your customer and if they did not like it, then wrap it back. Now all your products can be on display for people to see and select. Thus minimizing your workload and time wastage.

  3. Your Business Remains Open 24/ 7, Even if You Are Not There

    People can buy from your shop even if you are not there. The best part of going selling online ecommerce is you can work from anywhere, any time and even when you are on a holiday.

  4. Higher Margins and Better Cash Flow

    An e-commerce website will allow you to sell online ecommerce at higher margins. The shopping cart and payment options on the website also mean will be getting 100% payment from the customer straight away.

  5. Lower Set Up Costs and Running Costs

    Setting up a store does not require a very high investment in terms of infrastructure or work people. The total costs are very low in comparison to an offline business.

Affiliate System

Online suppliers of goods or services make their money from sales via their website or social media ads and in order to generate the sales, they need traffic or members of the public clicking on their site or ad to buy their goods or services. In order for them to become ‘visible’ on the web for example, they will use a variety of marketing techniques. One way that many companies choose to do to increase their sales is to offer an Affiliate Programme and what this essentially means is that another person or company promotes and sells their product or service.

With an affiliate program, you are letting your current customers know that if they sell X product, they will get paid X amount based upon each sale of that product. Now being fair with your payout is going to take some brainstorming and calculations.

An affiliate program allows you to have employees without having actual employees. No guilt for having to lay them off if there is no business and no pressure for them to make sales or depend on you for their livelihood. They are paid based on commissions from sales of your product. An affiliate program is almost always to be a supplemental income and never a permanent one. This is almost agreed upon universally by everyone up front. Another plus to this is that you never actually have to meet with any of your affiliates face-to-face.


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